Why Us

The Collections

Many of our designer lines cannot be found within a 100 mile radius of our locations. Our collections include the very best brands in the industry:  Oliver Peoples, Anne et Valentin, Maui Jim, l.a. Eyeworks, Lindberg and more.

The Service

As the opticians, John and Francis take the written prescription and interview the individual about his/her visual needs and compile a history, taking note that these visual needs may vary from work place to home to leisure time. Having a thorough discussion and an understanding of what the patient hopes to achieve is imperative in designing a successful pair of eyeglasses.

In the 21st century, many changes and improvements have taken place in lens design and applications. These options need to be discussed with the patient in helping them decide what may best answer their optical challenges. Most recently, we have access to digitally produced lenses that are much more refined than their predecessors. This technology makes for clearer vision and more adaptable prescription eyewear particularly for those wearing progressive no line bifocals in larger shapes.

But as important, is the evolution of the fashion driven frames. These frames allow an individual to accessorize and reflect their personality and their mood swings to the fullest. At John G. Roche Opticians, we truly believe in Fit, Function and Fashion!



  • I have known John for 20+ years and he is the greatest. His eyewear selection is great and top quality.


  • I just want to say again how much I love my transitional bifocals! I can do everything I need to do throughout the day and be comfortable in one pair of glasses. Thanks John and Francis.

    Frances Figart

  • Thanks again for the GREAT service John. You are truly a professional and the experience was exemplary as usual. I brag on your knowledge and attention to detail. The fitment experience alone is worth the visit!

    Kirk Alan Gilchrist